welcome to bakedd

the artisan bakery in Maidenhead

Life always feels better when coupled with a great taste. We believe great taste does not happen on its own.

It needs patience, passion and perfection.

That’s why anything we want you to experience about bakedd, we bring all our passion into it, we craft everything patiently, to serve the best each time and every time and we work hard to offer only the unique fresh taste to you.

bakedd family



our passion

great tasting, freshly prepared food and the fun of enjoying it together has always been a focus in our lives, and sharing this pleasure with society was always our dream. That’s the simple reason why we have created bakedd. We believe great tasting food is fundamental to happiness in life, yet it does not happen on its own.

perfection comes to life with a pinch of passion and a generous amount of patience. So, while bringing bakedd into life, we have invested all our passion into each detail of it, from the range that we will serve to where we will do it and how we will bring it into life.

we make, we bake

the dough is truly magic! simply flour, water and yeast (or sometimes a starter) mixes, raises and then becomes a base for all-embracing tastes challenging your creativity.

that’s why everyday starts for us very early with creating the dough.

simply handmade bread

crispy bite of a fresh baked pastry

fine and unique wines

sweet happiness every day

we serve brewed tea for the finest taste.

The pace of life has become seriously fast, and we all try to adapt ourselves to it. There are moments that we need to slow down a bit and enjoy the simple pleasures of life at their most. Just like everything else we serve at bakedd, we believe in investing for the perfection time.

That’s why we only serve brewed and loose tea leaves. Yes, it takes a bit longer before you start enjoying your tea vs the ordinary tea bags, but the difference is day and night.

Let’s slow down at bakedd and discover all distinct aromas with our wide range of tea blends.

Just like all our range, our ambition is to delight you with our coffee.

the smooth is a single origin Kenya bean, slow roasted in Italy. We believe the “smooth” is a perfect match with milk based coffees like Cappuccinos or Lattes.

the rich is a mix of Indonesia, Honduras and Colombia beans roasted in the UK. “the rich” has a more complex tasting note with smoke, spice and nuts. We believe it is perfect on its own, that’s why we usually serve Espressos or black Americano’s with ” The Rich”.

Turkish coffee kahve, is said to be the actual root of the “Coffee” word. This way of coffee brewing is perhaps the most ancient methods of coffee preparation; It is a very fine ground of coffee being cooked together with water and sugar depending on your taste.